TutorialsUse the tutorials to ensure you get the maximum benefit of EditVoicepack.

Basic tutorial
Running EditVoicepack for the first time
Follow this tutorial if you have not been using EditVoicepack before.

Advanced tutorial
Creating an ATC modification

This tutorial will give a quick introduction on using the advanced user interface of EditVoicepack XL to create your own ATC modifications. It will guide you step by step through the creation of a callsign for a fictive airline.

Advanced tutorial
Creating an Airport modification

Expands on the Creating an ATC modification tutorial with details on how you can create a modification for an airport name.

Advanced tutorial
Sharing an ATC modification
This tutorial will show you how you can share the modifications you have created with other users of EditVoicepack.

Advanced tutorial
Searching in the advanced user interface
Documents advanced search expressions that can help you find sound segments when creating ATC modifications.