Running EditVoicepack for the first time

Follow the steps below the first time you run EditVoicepack. Click the screenshot thumbnails to see the images in full size.

1. Install EditVoicepack

  1. If you have not already done so, download EditVoicepack from the Try and Buy page.
  2. Open the zip file and start the EditVoicepack XL (x.x.x).exe file.
  3. Read the license agreement
  4. Accept the license agreement by clicking the checkbox at the bottom.
  5. Click the Install button.

2. Close your flight simulator

EditVoicepack modifies files used by your flight simulator. This cannot be done if your flight simulator has the files loaded. You should always close your flight simulator before running EditVoicepack.

 3. Start EditVoicepack

There are several ways to start EditVoicepack. You can use the following approach if you can’t easily find EditVoicepack on the start menu.

  1. Press and release the Windows key on your keyboard.
    This will display the start menu or start screen. If the start menu or start screen was already displayed it might close. If this happen, press and release the windows key again.
  2. Type: EditVoicepack
    This will search your computer for EditVoicepack. The search result will display the applications once it is found, typically after a few keystrokes.
  3. Press the enter key on your keyboard, or use the mouse to click EditVoicepack in the search result.

UsageInformationSettings4. Select the usage information EditVoicepack is allowed to collect

The first time you run EditVoicepack it will show a screen where you can select how much information EditVoicepack is allowed to collect about how you use the program. Select one of the options based on the descriptions and click the Apply button.

If you want to change the setting in the future it can be done from the “Change Settings” tile on the main menu.

5. Optionally enter your license key

If you have already purchased a license for EditVoicepack, click the License EditVoicepack tile in the lower left corner of the main menu. This will being you to a page where you can copy-paste your license key.

If you do not have a license key simply skip this step to run EditVoicepack in evaluation mode. The evaluation mode allows you to try all features in EditVoicepack, but it will insert a message to purchase EditVoicepack in some ATC messages.

Main Menu

6. Wait for EditVoicepack to load

EditVoicepack displays a loading screen. Having multiple flight simulators as well as many 3rd party add-ons will increase the load time.
Once EditVoicepack is fully loaded it will show the menu screen displayed here.

Main menu with about tile highlighted7. Check you are running the latest version of EditVoicepack.

The About EditVoicepack tile in the lower right corner of the main menu will tell you if you are running the latest version of EditVoicepack. If no new version is available the tile will be grayed out. If a new version is available clicking it brings you to the web page where you can download the latest version.


Main menu with update voicepack enabled8. Update your flight simulator ATC

  1. Click the Update Flight Simulator with new ATC capabilities tile in the main menu.
  2. Let the wizard guide you though the options you can select.
  3. When the update is completed press the Done button to return to the main menu.

Do not worry you select the wrong settings for your flight simulator ATC – you can always run EditVoicepack again and change your settings.

9. Close EditVoicepack

You should always close EditVoicepack before starting your flight simulator.

10. Start your flight simulator

Your flight simulator will load the modified ATC voice file automatically.