Sharing an ATC Modification

If you have created an ATC modification – for example an airline callsign or the name of an airport – you can share it with other users of EditVoicepack. Sharing modifications like this is the source of the majority of the ATC modifications included in EditVoicepack. Follow this tutorial to learn how to share your ATC modification. Click the screenshot thumbnails to see the images in full size.

1. Select the modification you want to share

Use the tree-view on the left side of the EditVoicepack advanced user interface to select your modification. In this case the modification from the Creating an ATC Modification tutorial is used.

2. Verify your modification is ready for sharing

Please verify the following:

  • Sound segments have been added to all 10 voices, and the voice segments have been adjusted for each voice.
  • The Description formatting match the other modifications of the same type in the Community Modifications.
    • For example a telephony designator description should be on the format: Airline name (Country)

Upload23. Select upload from the menu

Choose the File menu at the top of the EditVoicepack user interface  and select Upload Modification…

EditVoicepack will contact the server and check if you can upload the modification. If the upload is not possible EditVoicepack will display the reason in a new window.

Upload33. Enter the sources you used to verify your modification

If the server allows the upload EditVoicepack will display a page where you can enter the sources for your modification. Unfortunately ICAO – the authoritative source for most of the modifications – does not provide the list of airport names and operator telephony designators (callsigns) for free. So typically you will need to try to verify your modification from multiple independent sources to ensure it is correct. Notice only the official ICAO based telephony designators etc. are accepted. In real life pilots and ATC do use shortened or unofficial callsigns or names, but these cannot be uploaded to the EditVoicepack server.

You can also enter any comment that might be relevant for processing the modification, even though it is not strictly speaking a source.

Upload43. Enter your email address

Your email address will be used to notify you if your modification has been added to the EditVoicepack server, or to request further clarification (see below). The email will only be stored in the servers while your upload is being processed. As soon it is added to the server or further clarification is requested it will be deleted from the server.

Upload54. Verify the upload

Look through the summary. If everything is correct press the Upload button. If you need to correct something, press the < Back button.

Upload65. Upload completed

If the upload is successful you will see this screen. If there is a problem you will receive an error message instead.

6. Monitor your email

Once the modification is processed you will receive an email. Typically this will happen inside a week, but it can be longer in case of holidays etc.

If the email request further clarification you must re-upload your modification with the additional information added to the text field from step 3. above. It is not possible to restore your upload on the server at this stage if you for example provide the clarification by email – the modification has been deleted from the server.

If you have any questions exactly what you need to clarify you can email But you still need to upload the modification again after the email exchange.