Installing EditVoicepack Manually

The recommended way to install EditVoicepack is to use the supplied installer. The installer will ensure the required .NET Framework is installed along with EditVoicepack, and it will ensure an uninstall removes the EditVoicepack modifications in your Flight Simulator.

Installing the .NET Framework is complicated, and while Microsoft has released a tool to correct most of these mistakes it can still cause problems on a few computers.

In this case you can try the manual install:

  1. Ensure you have the required .NET Framework installed by running the installer available from Microsoft.
  2. Download EditVoicepack to a folder of your choice.
    • You can place the file on your desktop – it can be deleted after installation.
    • Download: EditVoicepack 5.5.13.
  3. Right click the downloaded zip file and select properties.
    1. On the General tab look for a button with the title “Unblock”:
    2. If the button is present: Click it.
    3. Close the properties Window.
  4. Create a folder where you want to run EditVoicepack from. The recommended location is:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Bevelstone Production\EditVoicepack XL

    but you can use any location you prefer.

  5. Open the downloaded zip file and copy all content to the folder you just created.
  6. Delete the downloaded zip file.
  7. You can now start EditVoicepack by double clicking “EditVoicepack.exe” in the new folder.
To remove EditVoicepack after a manual installation:

Do not try this if you installed EditVoicepack using the supplied installer. See the Support page for options if you have problems uninstalling EditVoicepack.

  1. Delete the folder you installed EditVoicepack into.
  2. Follow this guide to restore the original light simulator data files.
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