SupportEditVoicepack XL

Please use the EditVoicepack support forum for any questions you might have. Please post in English if at all possible.

If you have a question you do not want to ask on a public forum you can use email. Please make sure you use a descriptive subject line and write more than one or two lines in the body to minimize the risk of your email being classified as spam.

Technical questions can be emailed to If you have non technical questions – for example questions concerning the license details – please use

Checking Windows system files

EditVoicepack relies on a significant number of Windows system files to run reliable. If you are unable to install EditVoicepack – or it fails starting – it can be be a problem with the Windows system files. Microsoft provides a tool to check and repair problems with Windows system files. Using this tool is likely to fix any Windows issues preventing EditVoicepack from installing or starting. For instructions on how to run this tool, please refer to the Microsoft support topic: Use the System File Checker tool to repair missing or corrupted system files.

Fix installation/uninstallation problems

Occasionally, the information the computer use to track programs that are installed can become corrupted. Microsoft has created an utility that can fix a number of these problems. If you get an error installing or uninstalling EditVoicepack, please try to follow the instructions from Microsoft found here: Fix problems that block programs from being installed or removed.

Restoring your flight simulators original ATC voice files

In case EditVoicepack is unable to start, or the ATC speech is no longer working in your flight simulator you can try to restore the original files containing the ATC speech definitions. Once you have done this you have efficiently removed any impact EditVoicepack has on your flight simulator.

Step by step instructions explaining how to restore your flight simulators original ATC voice files can be found here: Restoring your flight simulators original ATC voice files.

Older versions of EditVoicepack

You can use the EditVoicepack support forum to ask questions. Be aware that the older versions of EditVoicepack are no longer supported – questions will be answered if possible, but please do not expect extensive research time being spend on providing a solution to problems you might encounter.