Release Notes

Version 6.4.1

Released July 9th 2023

  • Support for Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D® v6.

Version 6.3.3

Released May 14th 2023

  • License key accepted even if <br> or <p> (HTML line break and paragraph markers) are present in the string.
  • Removed the embedded .NET Framework installer as all current versions of Windows include the required framework – and changes to the online Microsoft hosted packages could cause problems when uninstalling EditVoicepack.

Version 6.3.1

Released July 7th 2020

  • CSV export now includes data from the Flight Simulator voicepack.
    • Previous versions only exported the additions made by EditVoicepack, making it hard to get a complete list.
  • Minor memory usage optimization (saves +/- 100MB)
  • Fix links to the simMarket order page (when running evaluation mode).

Version 6.3.0

Released April 15th 2020

  • Support for Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D® v5.
  • License dialog now shown on startup when used in evaluation mode.
    • The page can be skipped to continue the evaluation.

Version 6.2.0

Released April 1st 2020

  • The advanced user interface shows warnings if there are problems with your modifications.
    • Duplicate identifiers: For example if you imported modifications already in EditVoicepack, or imported the same modification multiple times.
    • When “Replace existing” or the variation number is used and there is no audio recording for with the same identifier and variation in the flight simulator default voice pack.
    • If the Phrase and Identifier are not identical for telephony designators (callsigns)
    • If a voice does not have any audio fragments assigned.
  • Tooltips on the modification edit screen providing hints on how to fill in the values.
  • Faster load the first time a modification is opened from the navigation tree.
  • Bug fix: The navigation search (upper left) did not notice changes to modifications after load – it would still search in the original text.

Version 6.1.8

Released February 1st 2020

  • Support regular expressions in search (see Searching in the advanced user interface for details)
  • When creating a new telephony designator the phrase will automatically be filled in from the text entered in the identifier. It can still be modified manually if the same text isn’t desired.
  • The modification author field will automatically be filled in with the author from the last created modification.
  • When creating a new modification, the default “NEW” identifier is pre-selected. This allows typing the new identifier directly without having to delete “NEW”.
  • CTRL-E and CTRL-I added as shortcuts to Export and Import respectively in the advanced user interface. The existing shortcuts ALT-F,E and ALT-F,I are still working.
  • When exporting a single modification, the file name will default to the text in the Phrase field. For phraseology modifications the identifier text will be used instead.

Version 6.1.5

Released September 15th 2019

  • Invalid Prepar3D add/on.xml configuration files will no longer prevent EditVoicepack from starting.
  • Fixed words spoken “out of order” when using extra voice variations.

Version 6.1.3

Released September 10th 2019

  • Fix a (somewhat embarrassing) bug resulting in the selected voice speed not being applied.

Version 6.1.2

Released September 8th 2019

  • Voice speed can be set more gradually.
  • Improved detection of missing callsigns and aircraft models in Prepar3D.
  • Fix an error preventing some systems from updating the flight simulator voicepack.

Version 6.0.1

Released June 29th 2019

  • Multiple variations per voice – EditVoicepack can add additional copies of the existing voices using a slightly changed pitch, reducing the risk of multiple 100% identical voices being heard at the same time.
  • Faster startup of EditVoicepack – loading will continue in the background while the user interface is fully operational.
  • EditVoicepack will no longer fail loading when an invalid P3D add on XML file is detected – it will be ignored.

Version 5.5.22

Released January 28th 2019

  • Bug fix: EditVoicepack would not detect all Prepar3D aircrafts. As a result the advanced user interface would not show all missing telephony designators or aircraft types.
  • Bug fix: Improved install/uninstall making it less likely it will fail.
  • Improved troubleshoot upload including more information to help identify the root cause of problems:
    • The version of all loaded DLLs.
    • The path of system folders (Windows and user specific folders). Only the folder names are included, no file content has been added.

Version 5.5.19

Released July 12th 2018

  • Bug fix: EditVoicepack would not start on some systems (an additional rare case not fixed in 5.5.17).
    The process would start, but the user interface would remain hidden.
  • Bug fix: If the Sound/ATC folder is missing, EditVoicepack will no longer detect the location as a valid Flight Simulator installation instead of failing on loading.
  • The demo version now displays in red that experimental features might be removed in future versions, to discourage users from purchasing based on these features.

Version 5.5.17

Released May 23rd 2018

  • Bug fix: EditVoicepack would not start on some systems.
    The process would start, but the user interface would remain hidden.

Version 5.5.16

Released May 15th 2018

  • Bug fix: EditVoicepack could fail with “The sound segment references an identifier that does not exist” on some systems with Flight Simulator 2004 installed.
  • Bug fix: Uninstall failing on systems where the Flight Simulator was uninstalled before EditVoicepack.

Version 5.5.15

Released April 2nd 2018

  • EditVoicepack can now start even if the optional “Enhanced ATC sound file” from  AI Traffic Australia and New Zealand by Orbx Simulation Systems is installed.
    • EditVoicepack will deactivate this optional “Enhanced ATC sound file” as part of updating the flight simulator ATC sound file. The summary page displayed before updating will indicate this will be done giving the user an option to abort the update.
  • Experimental support for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004
    • Experimental features might be removed in future versions of EditVoicepack. Do not base a purchasing decision on an experimental feature!
    • Either Microsoft Flight Simulator X or Prepar3D must be installed in order to update Flight Simulator 2004.
    • Problems in experimental features will be given less priority in support cases.
    • If you use EditVoicepack 3.1 with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 it must be uninstalled before EditVoicepack XL will be able to modify the voices. Please ensure you make a backup before uninstalling if you have custom content in EditVoicepack 3.1.
  • Bug fix: Uninstall made more resilient.
  • Troubleshoot improvement: Install and uninstall log files included with the automated “Upload to support” function.

Version 5.5.14

Released March 18th 2018

  • Error dialog now shows step to correct the problem one at the time to avoid overwhelming the user.
  • Errors in the Flight Simulator installation preventing EditVoicepack from starting now shows the path to the file or directory that is likely to be the cause of the problem.
  • Bug fix: EditVoicepack could fail with access denied to a file with the extension .evptmp.
  • Bug fix: Uninstall would fail if the folder C:\ProgramData\EditVoicepackX\Updater does not exist.

Version 5.5.13

Released December 2nd 2017

  • Bug fix: Installation would not run on all Windows 8.1 systems.
  • EditVoicepack now works with FSX:SE or Prepar3D if there is a Japanese FSX installed on the system.
    • This does not add support for the Japanese FSX version.
  • Improved error message in some cases where the original flight simulator used by EditVoicepack has been damaged.

Version 5.5.11

Released November 11st 2017

  • Improved support for Prepar3D add-ons using the new AddOn.xml format.
  • Simplified the process of entering the license key.
    • The license key prompt will be displayed at start of EditVoicepack instead of being an option in the main menu. Selecting Next without entering a license key will allow EditVoicepack XL to be used in evaluation mode as in previous versions.
    • If the flight simulator installation contains the evaluation voice reminders EditVoicepack will go through the process of removing them before displaying the main menu. In earlier versions users would have to do this themselves and the UI did not give any hints evaluation mode would still be active until the flight simulators where updated.
  • Bug fix: Access denied error when updating flight simulators on some systems.
  • Bug fix: Dialog could display with the wrong size leading to clipped text on computers with multiple displays not all running the same scale settings.
  • Bug fix: Sorting the lists in the advanced UI works again.
  • Bug fix: Having more than 15 variants of a single modification would lead to voices being mixed. While this is no longer the case, it is still not recommended to have multiple copies of the same modification as they add to the memory consumption of your flight simulator.
  • Bug fix: If an error occurred while updating flight simulator installations the error text would have extra unclear text not directly related to the error making troubleshooting harder.
  • Bug fix: Clicking “Done” on the Support page now takes you to the main menu (same behavior as clicking Back).

Version 5.5.9

Released July 23rd 2017

  • Improved troubleshooting support.
    • It is now possible to upload key files from your flight simulator to support from the new “Support” page accessible from the main menu. This extends the possibility to upload the files when EditVoicepack encountered certain errors that was introduced in version 5.5.5.
    • The troubleshoot text on the “Support” page and error dialogs now contains direct links to the support page on the homepage, the support forum, and the support email address. This requires a working connection to the EditVoicepack server.
  • EditVoicepack reclaims disk-space for users of earlier versions of EditVoicepack (before 5.5.1) using default ATC speed.
  • Clearer identifications of 3rd party modifications causing problems by including the product name the modification belongs to in the error message.
  • Cancellation of updating the flight simulator installations now reacts faster in the phase where 3rd party modifications are loaded.
  • Bug fix: Corrects situation where both USEnglishBig.evpOrg and USEnglishBig.gvp are present in the Sound\ATC folder.
  • Bug fix: 3rd party modifications would be saved with the main EditVoicepack data file. They where never used but would increase the size of the save file.
  • Bug fix: EditVoicepack could fail if a flight simulator was uninstalled.

Version 5.5.5

Released July 15th 2017

  • Improved error handling: When an error dialog is displayed it is now – in most cases – possible to upload EditVoicepack and Flight Simulator files to the support server. This enables efficient support as it makes it clear what you have installed on your computer. It is unfortunately not possible to see a list of the files that will be uploaded in the user interface of EditVoicepack. The upload will contain the following data:
    • The EditVoicepack installation folder.
    • The EditVoicepack data folder (C:\ProgramData\EditVoicepackX).
    • The Flight Simulator executable (FSX.exe,  FSXSEConfig,exe and/or Prepar3D.exe).
    • Flight Simulator scenery configuration files.
    • SimObject (aircraft) scenery configuration files.
    • The ~\Sound\ATC folder.
    • Registry keys identifying Flight Simulator installations.
    • Details on the EditVoicepack execution (exception details).
  • Bug fix: Fixed “Index out of range” errors when running “Update Flight Simulator with new ATC capabilities”.
    • You can still get an error if a modification contains data that can’t be handled. But this error will now contain text making it easier to identify the modification.
  • Bug fix: EditVoicepack will no longer crash if a modification with an invalid segment is selected in the advanced UI.

Version 5.5.3

Released July 9th 2017

  • Bug fix: Some phrases would have mixed female/male voices (in addition to the fixes in 5.5.2).
  • Bug fix: Some imported modifications would cause an ArgumentOutOfRange exception.
    This fix address one potential source for this problem. It is still possible to get a similar error when importing modifications, please check if you get warnings when importing.

Version 5.5.2

Released July 6th 2017

  • Bug fix: Some phrases would have mixed female/male voices.
  • Bug fix: The wrong callsign would be used for an aircraft – typically selecting a callsign alphabetically close to the correct.
    • This would only happen if one or more modifications did not have sound or phrase defined for one or more voices.
  • Bug fix: The following error should no longer occur:
    System.IO.DirectoryNotFoundException: Could not find a part of the path ‘C:\ProgramData\EditVoicepackX\Updater\UpdateSettings.xml’.

Version 5.5.1

Released July 2nd 2017

  • The speed can now be set for each ATC voice individually.
  • Progress is displayed in the Windows task bar.
  • Better utilization of multiple CPU cores when updating Flight Simulator installations.
  • Better resilience against failure to operate after data corruption.
  • Improved cancellation support – updates can now be cancelled at the very last moment leaving the Flight Simulator installations unmodified (earlier versions of EditVoicepack would revert to the default ATC voice content in some cases when cancelling).

Version 5.4.1

Released June 3rd 2017

  • Support for Prepar3D v4.
  • Bug fix: No longer fails if a flight simulator has been installed but not yet started.
  • Bug fix: Fix error that would prevent going back to this version after a newer (future) version of EditVoicepack was installed.

Version 5.3.1

Released January 17th 2016

  • Support for translated ATC
    • Initial support for German, French, and Spanish. If you have Flight Simulator in a different language, please contact
    • Translations of included modifications are not included at the time of release. Translations can be suggested from the EditVoicepack user interface and will afterwards be distributed to all users automatically without requirements for a new EditVoicepack version.

Version 5.2.5

Released December 6th 2015

  • Bug fix: Error when deleting a modification in the advanced user interface.
  • Bug fix: Error if attempting to play the sounds “SCRATCH_ERROR” or “SCRATCH_NYI” in the sound selection list.

Version 5.2.4

Released November 15th 2015

  • Added search functionality to the advanced user interface.

Version 5.2.3

Released October 11th 2015

  • Support for identifying which callsigns and aircraft types or manufactures are used by your flight simulator but not yet included in EditVoicepack.
    Select a missing modification to get details on the flight simulator aircraft.cfg containing the settings making your flight simulator request the file. Open the folder containing the aircraft.cfg file directly from within EditVoicepack by clicking the path. You can find the missing modifications in the Advanced user interface by navigating to one of the following nodes:

    • My Modifications/Aircrafts/Manufacturers/Missing Manufacturers
    • My Modifications/Aircrafts/Models/Missing Models
    • My Modifications/Telephony Designators/Missing Telephony Designators
  • Bug fix: Memory usage increase if the advanced user interface is repeatedly opened and closed without saving changes.
  • Bug fix: EditVoicepack would update flight simulators not selected in the user interface.

Version 5.1.2

Released October 5th 2015

  • Support for Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D® v3.
  • Improved for high resolution displays on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.
  • Detect if a flight simulator is running and request it to be closed before the UI can be used.
  • Gradient background replaced with solid white to match most modern applications.

Version 5.1.1

Released July 30th 2015

  • Download new and updated ATC modifications from a central server.
  • Upload your own modifications to the server for distribution to all users.
  • Advanced mode: The “Identifier” text box now shows the identifier prefix for the modification type.
  • Usage information can be collected to help improving EditVoicepack (opt in)
  • The total number of modifications displayed in the about tile.

Version 5.0.80

Released April 13th 2015

  • Bug fix: List of airline callsigns not updated in P3D v2.5.
  • Bug fix: Unable to enter space in new telephony designator modifications.

Version 5.0.79

Released December 19th 2014

  • Support for Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition. Previous versions of EditVoicepack will work as well, but in case of a side by side install of the original DVD release of Microsoft Flight Simulator X and the Steam version only the original DVD release would be automatically detected.

Version 5.0.78

Released December 14th 2014

  • Bug fix: The license key had to be entered each time EditVoicepack was started.

Version 5.0.77

Released December 8th 2014.

  • Bug fix: “Index was outside the bounds of the array” error when starting EditVoicepack if the flight simulator installation is moved without updating the registry value pointing to the installation. Originally released as Hotfix 5.0.71.
  • Bug fix: “Illegal characters in path” error when starting EditVoicepack if FSX.cfg or Prepar3D.cfg contains a folder name within double quotes. Originally released as Hotfix 5.0.72.
  • Bug fix: “This flight simulator installation has already been added…” error when starting EditVoicepack if the registry have entries for multiple flight simulators pointing to the same folder. This is typically done to trick FSX addons to install in Prepar3d. Originally released as Hotfix 5.0.73
  • Bug fix: When editing the segments of a modification, the main wave file for the voice is not updated as the segment selections are changed. Originally released as Hotfix 5.0.73.
  • Improvement: Additional information added to the error dialog displayed if an application error occurring when selecting a menu item in order to facilitate troubleshooting. Originally released as Hotfix 5.0.74.
  • Bug fix: Unable to enter space in the comment and author fields of a modification. Undo/Redo functionality not working in the text fields of a modification. Originally released as Hotfix 5.0.74.
  • Improvement: Able to load the datafile from EditVoicepack X (v4.0) after a phraseology modification was created with a space in the identifier. This file could no longer be opened in EditVoicepack X.
  • Bug fix: Some ATC sentences where missing from the last 5 voices when running EditVoicepack in demo mode. The demo mode has been changed so it now allows modifying all 10 voices, but an audio message will be inserted in select ATC messages highlighting EditVoicepack is running in demo mode.
  • Improvement: Changed the text displayed when importing EditVoicepack 3 modifications to make it clearer it’s a warning to check the import – not an error message.
  • Bug fix: Readme file changed to reference the .exe file instead of the (not present) .msi file
  • Improvement: The installer software has been updated. This update contains several bug fixes that can impact EditVoicepack installation.
  • Bug fix: The selected installation folder was not used.
  • Bug fix: The default installation folder is changed so it no longer collides with EditVoicepack 3.

Version 5.0.69

Released November 10th 2014.

  • First release of EditVoicepack XL adding support for Prepar3D v1 & v2.