Collecting installer log files

In case there is a problem with the EditVoicepack installation it might be necessary to collect log files from the installation. Log files are generated automatically, so all you need to do is locate them and send them by email.

  1. Press the Windows key
  2. Type:
    then press Enter.
  3. This will open you folder for temporary files.
  4. Sort the files by name and locate any files where the name starts with “EditVoicepack_XL_”.
    • You can use the search field of Windows Explorer to find these files by typing:
      into the search field.
  5. Delete all files having a name starting with EditVoicepack_XL_
  6. Run the EditVoicepack installer as you would normally do
    • You must continue until the installer is closed (either after a successful installation or after an error message).
  7. Select the temp folder window you opened in step 2. If you closed it, simply follow step 1) and 2) to reopen it.
  8. Press F5 (this will ensure any new files are sorted where you expect)
  9. Locate files having a name starting with EditVoicepack_XL_ as in step 4)
  10. Select the files.
    • Pressing CTRL when clicking will allow you to select multiple files.
  11. Right click and select “Send to” -> “Compressed (zipped) folder”
    1. Windows might ask you if it should place the file on the desktop as it can’t place it in the current location – allow it to do this.
  12. Email the generated zip file to