xl not showing new call signs after installation

Ryan Ellis Posted new comment January 16, 2020

Hi Ryan,

Can you please edit the question and provide some more details on where you are not seing the new callsigns? In EditVoicepack’s advanced UI? In your flight simulator callsign selection? And which flight simulator are you using?

windows 10/ fsx gold/acceleration pack/ editvoicepack 6.1.5 trial version.

the callsigns remain the original call signs that were issued with fsx, im also not hearing the usual lingo you hear on the radio so i dont even think its working

when i mention the call signs im talking about when you assign a callsign to a certain plane, that menu is not showing the added callsigns

Please start EditVoicepack. On the main menu, select the “Support” button. Then go to the last support option. Here you will see a button called “Upload to support”. If you use this, I will be able to see key files from your flight simulator installation to determine what is going on. Once the upload completes, please post the upload ID it display here, or send it by email.

plz disregard i figured what i did wrong its working now thank you for your assistance