I have added new callsigns to EVP and also set the speed to 30% increase. Just the way I have done it over the past 10 years.

In P3Dv4, I can now hear *some* voices accelerated and using the new callsigns. However, some other voices remained on default, speak at default speed, and do not pronounce the new callsigns.

How can I solve that problem? I have read somewhere that AIG AI Manager would be the culprit. But what *exactly* do I need to do there? In AIG AI Manager I have uninstalled OCI, and in the OCI settings I have un-checked the “Use ATC file” box. I have started EVP again after that and recreated a sound file.

However, the problem persists. Anything else I can do or check?

Lars Answered question July 31, 2023