Still using FS2004 with EVP 3.1.1750.19464, how do I change “flight following” to “zone transit”?

Lars Posted new comment May 25, 2019

Thanks Lars for the quick response, adding callsigns takes me about 5 minutes, looks like this will take a bit longer!

Yes – adding the markers is quite easy, but it’s easy to make a type or something 🙂

Not sure about how to add markers. Can do it with the XL version but not the FS2004 version. There is a blank box called “Marker:” but it’s not obvious how to use it. So, having successfully changed to “zone transit” as per instructions, all I can get is a readout of the phrase exactly as it appears on the screen with no keywords.

I no longer have a computer with FS9, but can’t you right-click the wave file just over the text box with the label “marker”? As far as I remember it should open a context menu allowing you to add a new marker.