When I add a new phrase (no matter an aircraft or airport or airline), once I chose and play an identifier, only the first miliseconds of the sound file is played and I cannot hear the rest. Furthermore, in the Modification Audio window, I cannot modify any of fragments I have inserted from my searched voices… Never have had this issue before.
I’m using Editvoicepack for FSX / both 6.3.0 and 6.3.1 are tried and have the same issue / Windows 10

Lars Posted new comment June 29, 2022

Answering my question: restarting the PC and EditVoicepack solved the problem 🙂

It was lucky you found it before I could dig out an old email thread I should have somewhere – I think that one involved reinstalling codec packs and eventually ended up in a Windows reinstall as one of the codecs would not uninstall 🙂