I am a registered user of EditVoicePack XL, and I have been using version 6.1.2 for some time. However, after upgrading to version 6.3.0 (and importing a few modifications), I am now getting multiple “EditVoicePack Demo – buy a licence at EditVoicePack.com” messages (which start when I request clearance for take off). Can you please let me know how to remove these messages, as they are annoying the hell out of me. I purchased a licesed version of EditVoicePack XL from SimMarket a few years ago, so I should not have to be subjected to messages of this kind.

Christopher Low Posted new comment May 15, 2020

The problem I have here is that the text in the lower right corner already shows my license number and (old) email address. I was asked to input my license number when I upgraded from 6.1.2 to 6.3.0, so I no longer have that option.

Is it possible that changing my email address has resulted in an issue? This has been updated on my SimMarket account.

On a side note, I apologise for venting my frustration in my first post. I was having a bad day, and this problem has been annoying me for several days (I sent you an email on Sunday).

I understand the frustration – as a software developer, something like 80% of my time is wasted on broken software. I wish I had time to do more testing of all the different cases, but in reality I am not able to fit more testing in than what I am doing now 🙁

I have changed the answer to include step by step instructions, including what to do when the license is registered in EditVoicepack, but the evaluation demo sound is still present in the flight simulator.

I think that it may have worked this time, Lars. I will monitor the situation, and let you know if I experience any further problems. Thanks!