Privacy Policy

Using without logging in will not use cookies containing any data that can be used to identify you as long as you do not log into the website. Nor does it contain any analytic services providing any data to third parties. Your IP address will be logged on the server to facilitate maintenance and troubleshooting. It will be deleted automatically within 60 days.

Using EditVoicepack when logged in

If you do log into the site using the “connect” functionality on the Questions page, will store cookies on your device. These cookies will identify you next time you access The website will also store personal information in your profile.

The data will not be used for advertisement or provided to third parties with the exception of OneAll Social Login used to facilitate logging in.
For details on how they will process your data, please see their privacy policy.

You can access your profile using the menu in the upper right corner to see or modify this data. If you would like the data to be deleted, please send an email to Alternatively create a private question with the request as email can be falsely identified as spam.


If you have any questions regarding the privacy policy please email or use the Questions page.