Release Notes

Version 5.4.1

Released June 3rd 2017

  • Support for Prepar3D v4.
  • Bug fix: No longer fails if a flight simulator has been installed but not yet started.
  • Bug fix: Fix error that would prevent going back to this version after a newer (future) version of EditVoicepack was installed.

Version 5.3.1

Released January 17th 2016

  • Support for translated ATC
    • Initial support for German, French, and Spanish. If you have Flight Simulator in a different language, please contact
    • Translations of included modifications are not included at the time of release. Translations can be suggested from the EditVoicepack user interface and will afterwards be distributed to all users automatically without requirements for a new EditVoicepack version.

Version 5.2.5

Released December 6th 2015

  • Bug fix: Error when deleting a modification in the advanced user interface.
  • Bug fix: Error if attempting to play the sounds “SCRATCH_ERROR” or “SCRATCH_NYI” in the sound selection list.

Version 5.2.4

Released November 15th 2015

  • Added search functionality to the advanced user interface.

Version 5.2.3

Released October 11th 2015

  • Support for identifying which callsigns and aircraft types or manufactures are used by your flight simulator but not yet included in EditVoicepack.
    Select a missing modification to get details on the flight simulator aircraft.cfg containing the settings making your flight simulator request the file. Open the folder containing the aircraft.cfg file directly from within EditVoicepack by clicking the path. You can find the missing modifications in the Advanced user interface by navigating to one of the following nodes:

    • My Modifications/Aircrafts/Manufacturers/Missing Manufacturers
    • My Modifications/Aircrafts/Models/Missing Models
    • My Modifications/Telephony Designators/Missing Telephony Designators
  • Bug fix: Memory usage increase if the advanced user interface is repeatedly opened and closed without saving changes.
  • Bug fix: EditVoicepack would update flight simulators not selected in the user interface.

Version 5.1.2

Released October 5th 2015

  • Support for Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D® v3.
  • Improved for high resolution displays on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.
  • Detect if a flight simulator is running and request it to be closed before the UI can be used.
  • Gradient background replaced with solid white to match most modern applications.

Version 5.1.1

Released July 30th 2015

  • Download new and updated ATC modifications from a central server.
  • Upload your own modifications to the server for distribution to all users.
  • Advanced mode: The “Identifier” text box now shows the identifier prefix for the modification type.
  • Usage information can be collected to help improving EditVoicepack (opt in)
  • The total number of modifications displayed in the about tile.

Version 5.0.80

Released April 13th 2015

  • Bug fix: List of airline callsigns not updated in P3D v2.5.
  • Bug fix: Unable to enter space in new telephony designator modifications.

Version 5.0.79

Released December 19th 2014

  • Support for Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition. Previous versions of EditVoicepack will work as well, but in case of a side by side install of the original DVD release of Microsoft Flight Simulator X and the Steam version only the original DVD release would be automatically detected.

Version 5.0.78

Released December 14th 2014

  • Bug fix: The license key had to be entered each time EditVoicepack was started.

Version 5.0.77

Released December 8th 2014.

  • Bug fix: “Index was outside the bounds of the array” error when starting EditVoicepack if the flight simulator installation is moved without updating the registry value pointing to the installation. Originally released as Hotfix 5.0.71.
  • Bug fix: “Illegal characters in path” error when starting EditVoicepack if FSX.cfg or Prepar3D.cfg contains a folder name within double quotes. Originally released as Hotfix 5.0.72.
  • Bug fix: “This flight simulator installation has already been added…” error when starting EditVoicepack if the registry have entries for multiple flight simulators pointing to the same folder. This is typically done to trick FSX addons to install in Prepar3d. Originally released as Hotfix 5.0.73
  • Bug fix: When editing the segments of a modification, the main wave file for the voice is not updated as the segment selections are changed. Originally released as Hotfix 5.0.73.
  • Improvement: Additional information added to the error dialog displayed if an application error occurring when selecting a menu item in order to facilitate troubleshooting. Originally released as Hotfix 5.0.74.
  • Bug fix: Unable to enter space in the comment and author fields of a modification. Undo/Redo functionality not working in the text fields of a modification. Originally released as Hotfix 5.0.74.
  • Improvement: Able to load the datafile from EditVoicepack X (v4.0) after a phraseology modification was created with a space in the identifier. This file could no longer be opened in EditVoicepack X.
  • Bug fix: Some ATC sentences where missing from the last 5 voices when running EditVoicepack in demo mode. The demo mode has been changed so it now allows modifying all 10 voices, but an audio message will be inserted in select ATC messages highlighting EditVoicepack is running in demo mode.
  • Improvement: Changed the text displayed when importing EditVoicepack 3 modifications to make it clearer it’s a warning to check the import – not an error message.
  • Bug fix: Readme file changed to reference the .exe file instead of the (not present) .msi file
  • Improvement: The installer software has been updated. This update contains several bug fixes that can impact EditVoicepack installation.
  • Bug fix: The selected installation folder was not used.
  • Bug fix: The default installation folder is changed so it no longer collides with EditVoicepack 3.

Version 5.0.69

Released November 10th 2014. First release of EditVoicepack XL adding support for Prepar3D v1 & v2.